Through its technical department, France Ermitage offers its clients expertise in the renovation and fitting out of apartments.

Renovate to rent better

A renovated property rents faster and at a better price. This will allow you to optimize your rental yields.

Newly renovated properties will also be easier to maintain, saving you a lot of expense later on.

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Renovate to comply with the Climate and Resilience Act

The French government will prohibit the rental of G-rated housing from 2025 and F-rated housing from 2028. This concerns 54% of Parisian housing.

Thanks to our technical expertise, we accompany our clients in their renovation work by prioritizing energy improvements in order to bring the properties in our portfolio up to standard.

Note that in 2034, this law will also apply to E-rated housing.



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Selected craftsmen

Our long-standing partnerships with quality craftsmen allow us to obtain the fairest prices and thus to control the costs of the renovations we carry out.

At France Ermitage, the craftsmen in charge of the work are the same as those who will manage your repairs. They know your property inside out and will come to you for maintenance.

Example of a renovation

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