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Posted by WebDesigner on 22 April 2021
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How to successfully carry out an inventory? 

You are about to sign your lease, so now is the time to proceed with the inventory of entry points.
We discussed the security deposit in one of our previous videos: this “sum” that the owner asks the tenant at the beginning of the lease. At the end of the contract, the landlord is entitled to keep this money to pay for the cost of repairing the accommodation if the tenant ever damages it. To know if the accommodation has been damaged or not, the lessor and the tenant must compare the inventory of entry to that of exit.
What is the inventory?
This is a careful inspection of the accommodation and its equipment which will be transcribed on an official document. At the end of the rental, this document makes it possible to know whether the tenant is responsible for damage and whether or not he can recover his security deposit.
When to carry out the inventory?
The inventory must be carried out in good conditions, otherwise the document risks being distorted. It is therefore better to carry out the inventory in broad daylight with natural light. You will spot faults better than with artificial light.
Be careful not to forget to check the condition of the electrical installations. Remember to turn on the lights in each room.
How to carry out the inventory?
Plan a roadmap to make sure you don’t forget anything. You have to go through each room of the accommodation and note the condition: walls, ceilings, electrical outlets, floors, windows and electricity.
Also make sure the water evacuation points are functioning properly: toilets, showers and taps. : there must be no stagnant water or no drainage.
Often, we forget to check that the intercom is working properly! Also remember to check the condition of the lock and the bell!
Tip 1: Take pictures of the accommodation
This is a tip that can help you avoid many conflicts and disputes at the end of the rental period. This is an additional means of proving the condition of the property before and after the rental period. These photos will enrich the observations appearing on the document and will serve as proof in the event of disagreements between the owner and the tenant, provided that they have been signed by both parties
Tip 2: Use a model of the inventory of fixtures
This n ‘is not a mandatory document but it must still include a certain number of mentions under penalty of being considered void. You can easily find inventory models on the internet.
To facilitate the comparison of the two documents, remember to use the same inventory form on entry and exit.
Here are the elements that must be included:
The type of inventory: entry or exit;
The date of the inventory;
The name and first name of the lessor and tenant;
The address of the accommodation as well as that of the lessor;
The number of keys to the accommodation;
The signature of both parties.
Tip 3: Do not neglect the exit inventory
The exit inventory is a step often overlooked by tenants. If he leaves the accommodation without realizing it, he takes the risk that the owner keeps part of the security deposit. The exit inventory must be carried out in the presence of the owner.
If on leaving, the accommodation is not exactly in the same condition as when you entered, do not worry: all the houses occupied as main residence suffer deterioration of use and the law forbids the owner to consider this wear and tear. like degradations.
Did you know ?
Since the Alur law, tenants now have the right to modify the inventory up to 10 days after its completion. The tenant must then send his letter by registered mail and the modification request cannot be refused by the owner.
The exit inventory cannot be changed however, which is why it must be carried out with the greatest care. The lessor must therefore ensure that he does not miss damage camouflaged by the tenant, because once the exit inventory has been signed and nothing has been noticed, he must return the security deposit to his tenant!
Do you want to be sure that you are properly carrying out your entry and exit inventory?
The easiest way is still to call on France Ermitage!

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