The kitchen is at the heart of the life of an apartment. It is a place of sharing where your tenants will spend a lot of time.

It must be designed to be practical, functional and aesthetic.

Regardless of its size, designing a kitchen is always a complex task that requires a lot of thought beforehand.

We will help you to list the different criteria to take into account when designing the kitchen of your furnished apartment.

1- Respect the activity triangle rule

The activity triangle is a term widely used by kitchen designers. It refers to the repetitive tasks performed in the kitchen: cooking, washing and storage.

The functionality of your kitchen will depend on the circulation between these three poles, which must form a triangle so as not to hinder movement between them.

So, ideally, the refrigerator, the cooking plates and the sink should form a triangle.

2- Provide sufficient storage space

When it comes to storage, it's better to have more than enough. In the kitchen, you need to be able to easily find your way between utensils, dishes and food.

The ideal is to install closets on the entire available space from floor to ceiling.

Also consider attaching hooks to hang utensils and linens.


3- Think about the work plan

The worktop should be made of resistant and easy-to-clean materials.

It must be large enough to allow cooking on it, but also to put small appliances.

The depth of a worktop is generally between 60cm and 65cm. This corresponds to the standard depth of drawers in a kitchen cabinet.

We recommend that you choose a 65cm wide worktop. This will provide you with optimal space and will also allow you to leave a free space behind the drawer boxes in order to pass any piping elements.


4- Provide enough light

The kitchen is a living room in its own right. Your tenants will not only cook there. It is also a space for eating, sharing and even working sometimes. For these reasons, the kitchen must be pleasant in terms of luminosity.

In an open kitchen, you can have hanging lights lined up above the countertop.

In an enclosed kitchen, a well-lit central pendant may be sufficient depending on the size of the room.

The idea is to create sufficient lighting above the activity areas: work surface, sink, storage...

Think also of the LED rods, practical and easily concealable.


5- Opt for sober tones

A simple rule in interior design: Do not mix more than three colors.

For the kitchen, we will choose sober colors in accordance with the materials used for the kitchen furniture and the worktop. Sober colors will bring a chic and modern look to this room.

For aesthetic reasons, make sure that the appliances are in harmony with the rest of the kitchen. If you choose an aluminum oven, do the same for the refrigerator, coffee maker and microwave, for example.


6- Make your kitchen easier to maintain

A furnished rental will probably have many tenants. To ensure that your kitchen does not deteriorate with the number of people who live in your property, be sure to select materials that are easy to maintain.

For the cupboards, prefer PVC or lacquered glass surfaces that can be cleaned with a cloth.

For the worktop, the ideal material is granite. It is resistant to cuts and heat, but also very easy to clean.



Many criteria must be considered when designing the kitchen of your furnished apartment.

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