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France Ermitage has a department dedicated to the rental management of over 200 offices and commercial premises.

You own offices or commercial premises in Paris and you wish to ensure your peace of mind and optimize your rental income by delegating their management entirely?

As a property manager, we offer a range of services to meet the specific needs of the rental of your commercial, professional or office space.

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An accessible, flexible and complete offer

Entrusting France Ermitage with the rental management of your shops, office buildings and professional premises means subcontracting the technical, financial, administrative and legal aspects of commercial leases.

We help you maximize your rental income and limit tenant turnover.

In case of search for a new tenant, we implement the marketing strategy to adopt in order to position your property on the market.

Our experts analyze the different criteria (market, competition, target, optimal rent...) and proceed with the marketing of your property to qualified prospects.

Once your property is rented, our teams take charge of its daily management and provide you with a regular activity report.

Our commitments

We share your ambitions and integrate our expertise.

Small or large, we owe you an impeccable service.

Understanding your issues is our priority.


Find trusted tenants for you.


Enhance the value of your property on a daily basis.


Be available and responsive.


Optimize leases in order to comply with the numerous legislative and regulatory obligations while protecting your interests.


Ensure the profitability of your assets by increasing their occupancy rate and reducing your maintenance costs.

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