You are the owner of an apartment and you wish to rent it as a furnished apartment.

Did you know that there are several types of leases?

Furnished rental as a primary residence
Furnished rental as a secondary residence
The mobility lease
These contracts can be different depending on the duration, the type of tenants and the reason for the rental. We will help you to distinguish them.

1 - Specificities of the main residence lease for a furnished rental

To benefit from a principal residence lease, the tenant must be able to justify that the property will be his or her sole principal residence. A person can only have one principal residence. If he/she rents another property, he/she must consider it as a secondary residence.

The law gives this definition of the principal residence: "the dwelling occupied at least eight months a year, except for professional obligations, health reasons or cases of force majeure, either by the lessee or his spouse, or by a dependent person within the meaning of the construction and housing code.

The lease for a principal residence is a 12-month contract, tacitly renewable. However, for students, the duration of the contract is reduced to 9 months.

The contract may be terminated by the tenant subject to a minimum of one month's notice. It can be terminated by the lessor if he informs the tenant at least 3 months before the anniversary date of the contract. (except student lease)

The rent can be set freely by the landlord as long as he respects the law on rent control if it is applicable.

A security deposit equivalent to two months' rent may be requested by the lessor.

2 - Specificities of the secondary residence lease (or Civil Code lease) for a furnished rental

The secondary residence lease is intended for tenants who already have a principal residence. A person may occupy more than one secondary residence.

Its duration can be freely fixed as well as the amount of

his rent.

There is no tacit renewal.

It is a contractually more flexible lease for both the tenant and the lessor, as it is governed solely by the Civil Code.

The civil code lease is regularly used by companies who wish to accommodate their employees occasionally for a more or less long period.

France Ermitage works with many relocation agencies and provides furnished properties to a clientele of trusted professionals.

Our portfolio of furnished apartments continues to grow with products that are increasingly adapted to professionals and companies.

3 - Specificities of the mobility lease for a furnished rental

The mobility lease is a new contract, which appeared in November 2018 with the ELAN law.

It is intended, by definition, for people in mobility in order to facilitate their access to housing.

They can be students, trainees, employees on assignment, professional training or civic service for example.

The duration of the lease is between 1 and 10 months, its rent can be freely fixed, but it must respect the rent framework if necessary.

If the tenant wishes to terminate his contract, he must give at least one month's notice.

No security deposit can be required from the tenant. However, the owner benefits from the VISALE system which allows him to be covered in case of unpaid rent or damage.

Please note: it is not necessary to legally register a furnished apartment rented under a mobility contract with the city hall.

This lease allows you to stay and rent your property for a few months without having to enter into long administrative procedures.

4 - Advantages of furnished rental compared to empty rental

Shorter contract periods
Larger security deposit for the lessor
Greater flexibility in terminating the contract
No right of pre-emption for the tenant in case of sale of the property
Rent is more important than the empty (20% to 30%)
Rents are subject to IRPP (personal income tax) in the category of industrial and commercial profits (BIC).
Thus the taxation will be lighter, and the profitability more important!

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