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At France Ermitage, more than half of all leases are signed under the "civil code". The lease governed by the provisions of the Civil Code, often referred to as a "lease not subject to the Law of 89", applies to accommodation where the tenant's use is as a secondary residence, or to accommodation linked to a professional function (lease in the name of a company, or personal lease for expatriates). This type of lease offers several advantages for Paris landlords, and at France Ermitage, we mainly use the Civil Code lease. Here's why:

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Unlike residential leases governed by the French law of July 6, 1989, the Civil Code lease gives you total freedom to set your rent. It is not subject to rent control. Landlords can therefore adjust the price in line with the current market and the specific features of the property, thereby optimizing their rental yield.

The Civil Code lease offers the possibility of agreeing a tailor-made contract duration, adapted to the specific needs of both landlord and tenant. Whether you want to rent your property for a few months or several years, this lease adapts to your investment strategy.

The civil code lease allows you to avoid the Climate Law and the constraints associated with the DPE.
Apartments can be rented regardless of their category, and all rents can be revised annually.

For short-term rentals, the Civil Code lease is a practical solution. It lets you rent quickly and efficiently, without the constraints of conventional residential leases.

In the event of non-payment of rent, the Civil Code lease allows you to apply an express resolutory clause, simplifying the procedures for regaining possession of your property quickly.

Properties rented under a Civil Code lease may benefit from more favorable tax treatment, depending on the owner's situation and the type of rental (furnished or unfurnished). We can help you understand and optimize your property tax situation.

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