Empty lease for long-term rental

An empty lease is a rental formula in which the property is rented without furniture. It's the ideal solution for landlords planning long-term rental management. With a minimum rental period of three years for individuals and six years for companies, the empty lease meets a need for stability for both tenant and owner.

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The advantages of an empty lease for landlords

With an empty lease, you commit to a long-term rental relationship.
This extended duration ensures a constant rental income and reduces vacancy periods.

Opt for controlled management of your property, with the possibility of reviewing the rent at the end of the lease, in line with the Indice de Référence des Loyers (IRL).

With an empty lease, the rent can be updated annually, thus protecting your investment against inflation.

The law provides a strict framework for empty leases, protecting your rights as a landlord, particularly in the event of disputes or damage.

How can France Ermitage help you manage your Empty Lease?

1. Valuation and appraisal
We start with a precise valuation of your property to set a fair and competitive rent, in line with current market prices in Paris.

2. Promoting your property
We create an attractive advertisement for you, distribute it on the most relevant platforms and manage visits by potential tenants.

3. Rigorous tenant selection
Our tenant selection process is designed to ensure reliability and creditworthiness, minimizing rental risk for you.

4. Handling administrative formalities
We take care of all the administrative formalities: drafting the lease, inventory of fixtures, rental guarantees, etc.

5. Follow-up and support
Our team will support you throughout the rental period, taking care of day-to-day management and responding to any concerns you may have.

Ready to rent out your property with an Empty Lease?

At France Ermitage, our commitment is to provide you with a transparent and attractive management service. For more information about letting your property via an empty lease, contact us today.

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