A complete, reactive and efficient rental management

Does renting your Parisian property seem like a constraint to you?

The rental of an apartment and its management throughout the contract is a succession of time-consuming tasks that are difficult to reconcile with the professional and personal lives of most of us.
This is especially true if you are geographically distant from your property.
By calling upon France Ermitage, you will find an efficient and reactive property manager to whom you can entrust the rental management of your property.

Avoid hidden fees with transparent and comprehensive property management

France Ermitage's rental management offer is complete, with no surprises, and our fees are fairly priced.
Our rental management services in Paris include :

  • Drafting and publication on our partner networks of an advertisement highlighting your property
  • Search for trusted tenants
  • Realization of the visits of the property
  • Carrying out of mandatory diagnostics if necessary
  • Drafting of the lease

  • Collection of rents and provisions for charges
  • Preparation of a management report
  • Monthly transfer of rent to landlords
  • Management of maintenance actions and works

Entrust us with the management of a property

  • Annual revision of rents according to the current index
  • Updating your home insurance policy
  • Help with the tax declaration of the land incomes or BIC (industrial and commercial profits) if furnished.
  • Provision of an annual operating report to owners

  • Quick search for new tenants
  • Exit inventory of fixtures
  • Restoration of the property if necessary
  • Follow-up of the work if necessary
  • Return of the security deposit.

France Ermitage calculates its fees as a percentage of the amount of rent. It generally varies between 4 % and 8 % of the amount collected. Depending on the type of property and the rents generated, we adapt our management fees as closely as possible.

Please note that these management fees are deductible from the base of your rental income, depending on the declaration system.

It is very simple to change your property manager. France Ermitage takes care of all the formalities for you and ensures the termination and transfer of your mandate on request.

For this, you just have to contact us!

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Over 45 years of experience in real estate management

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A reactive team close to its customers


"Optireal manages several furnished apartments for our real estate company.Great ability to listen and efficiency in finding quality tenants (L'Oreal, Google, embassy staff,...) and very reasonable rates. No bad surprises, quite the contrary."


"I have been a client of France Ermitage for several years for the management of an apartment and I particularly appreciate the quality of the services, the speed of reaction of the teams and especially the advice and exchanges that they provide as soon as a question arises.

No bad surprises. A very professional and trustworthy partner. "


"Working in real estate myself, I know perfectly well that the majority of the people involved are of very poor quality. I would like to congratulate Julie Brun for her kindness, her attention to detail and her exemplary responsiveness. Dimitri also brought us seriousness, courtesy and availability.

Bravo to the team and Happy New Year 2021!"


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