You are the owner of a property and you wish to rent it out as furnished: 

Did you know that a certain number of elements are mandatory to fulfill the rental conditions of a furnished apartment?

These elements are stipulated in the Alur law dating from 2015.

The basic rule is that the tenant must be able to live, sleep and eat adequately with regard to the requirements of everyday life.

Here is the list of elements that must be present:

  • bedding including comforter or blanket ;
  • shutters, blinds, curtains or other window coverings in bedrooms;
  • cooking plates ;
  • oven or microwave ;
  • refrigerator and freezer (at least one refrigerator with a freezer compartment) ;
  • dishes necessary for the meals ;
  • kitchen utensils ;
  • table and seats ;
  • storage shelves ;
  • luminaires ;
  • housekeeping equipment adapted to the dwelling.

All furniture must be in good condition. We therefore advise you to invest in sturdy furniture that will withstand the passage of several tenants.

All rooms must be equipped with furniture so that the tenant can move in immediately.

Once the accommodation is equipped with the necessary furniture, you can install the additional comfort elements that you think are relevant according to the capacity of your accommodation and its standing.

It's important to use common sense when it comes to furnishing a home.

For example, if your property is intended to accommodate a family, a washing machine is a necessity although it is not made mandatory by the Alur law.

Similarly, in a luxury apartment, the tenant will expect to find a television and a minimum of household appliances (such as a coffee maker, kettle or toaster)

For long term rentals, the linen, however essential to daily life, does not have to be provided by the owner.

You can therefore rent a furnished apartment without providing sheets, towels, dish towels or napkins to the tenant.

However, France Ermitage offers, among other things, a laundry service for the greater comfort of your tenants.



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